Meet Cristal

Hello! My name is Cristal Lovone Saxon. I believe that my mission is to be a willing and broken vessel displaying the glory of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, revealing their greatness, and continuously proclaiming how worthy God is of the limitless pursuit to know Him in all aspects of His being. Nothing else can satisfy like knowing Him and being known by Him.

As a junior in High School, I prayed the salvation prayer at a Christian concert and in 1985 I met a young born again believer and his mother and together they worked with me until I finally met the living Christ on June 3, 1993. That weekend I heard in my Spirit that God loved me just because He made me and He made me just because He loved me, and I believed Him and that night I turned my heart over to Jesus and fell in love with Him and have been radically changed since then. 

I led worship and taught both CCD and Youth Group at Fort Detrick Chapel  before I moved to Monocacy Valley Church. While there I was on the worship team and was a youth leader, then God moved me to First Love where I currently serve as a musician, worship and Ministry leader (Face to Face Worship Ministries). I have traveled extensively and led worship for many congregations, special events and have taught both worship and the Word of God at many different conferences and retreats as well. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Theology and am a Seminary Student at Covenant Theological Seminary.  I believe that there is nothing greater than breaking open the Word of God, first to myself, then to others; and will continue to be a student until I hear "Well Done….” 

I am a singer/songwriter/recording artist and ministry leader born the oldest of 5 children. My Husband and I have 2 sons and 2 grandchildren.My latest projects are the worship CD-"I Offer You Me", the new Christmas CD -"The Reason" and I have many other projects in the works. I pursued a “Pop Star” singing career until God changed my heart, and called me to be a minister of both Worship and the Word. My biggest challenge has been learning to understand this unique and unusual sound that God has given me. In other words, “What you hear is not always what you see”.  One day a friend put it like this "Cristal maybe God just wants you to comfort His people. There is already plenty of entertainment….not enough music to comfort and heal the soul." That changed my perspective and gave me the freedom to be who God called me to be. I believe it is freeing to know that not every gift is for everyone. This can be a hard road to travel, but it’s worth it for even one.  So many say that this Jazzy worship style is truly comforting and soothing to hear.

I have been singing as far back as I can remember and wrote my first song at the age of 14. My first project was the single-Love Song which I have included on the Christmas CD.  I have written more than 500 songs, some of which have been used for many different events both local and national.  I am self-taught in guitar, keyboard and vocals. Though I play several instruments when writing songs; my guitar is my friend when I am leading worship.